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What is Digibyte?

DigiByte appears to be a bit of a pump and dump coin. It's not a very successful "Roger" but it has a lot of red flags and DigiByte Devs manipulated block rewards over an 11 month period. Overall they nerfed the block reward almost 90%, to allow them to keep some very full bags of DGB.

Suspicious block reward changes

First 3 days of DGB, block rewards were 72k DGB (every 15 seconds). This appears to be the "publicly announced" pre-mine.

Three days later, a drop to 16k DGB (every 15 seconds). It stayed on 16k for 6 weeks, with DGB developers getting the kickstart on nice juicy rewards.

Then 6 weeks later it halved to 8k DGB (every 15 seconds), and for the next 10 months they did 1% monthly drops (this is the supposed block reward reduction).

10 months later, from one block to the next, they dropped the block reward from 6.7k to 2.4k

From this point on, they've kept the block reward on 1% monthly drops as publicly stated. But the first 11 months of Digibyte were a great way to give the developers a turbo boost to fill their bags before nerfing the reward as DGB gained popularity.

Q&A with Josiah on Digibyte

@dgb_chilling Hello, looking to get some answers to questions about DGB, can you DM me please?.

or you could message me on here. There's nothing private about DigiByte. Ask away.

It would be easier without the 250 char limit in tweets please :) fairly in-depth questions

ask away, or join Telegram

Right ok, bit of a cold start...

I'm looking to calculate the block reward for digibyte so I can get a live circulating supply based on the current block height.

But it looks like the block reward has changed multiple times, could you show me the github revisions for the changes? Or the rough dates so I can look it up?

check the Blockchain explorer. -- easy!

Are you saying to count all the rewards up by scanning every single block?

they decrease every month. How much research have you done? Or are you expecting answers on a silver platter?

I am trying to work out how to calculate the rewards from block 1
(I try to vet coins to list/delist on with accurate live stats, is a slow process though)

DGBs decrease every month. See and the BitcoinTalk thread

I have done a fair bit of research thank you, also looking at the blocks mentioned in this reddit post

Congrats, you found Poloniex cold wallet...

Poloniex mined from day1?

But it's not very enlightening what happens to drop the reward from 16,000 to 8,000 between these two blocks:

It's expected, every month the block reward halves. I'm disappointed, for somebody who says they've done research and read the BitcoinTalk thread, that you've not seen that mentioned so many times.

Every month the block reward halves?
The next drop from this block is
Not half, and well over a month later? Also, not sure why these replies are so hostile?

That would put your block reward at less than 1 DGB 15 months later:
Month 1, Reward: 16000
Month 2, Reward: 8000
Month 3, Reward: 4000
Month 4, Reward: 2000
Month 5, Reward: 1000
Month 6, Reward: 500
Month 7, Reward: 250
Month 8, Reward: 125
Month 9, Reward: 62.5
Month 10, Reward: 31.3
Month 11, Reward: 15.6
Month 12, Reward: 7.8
Month 13, Reward: 3.9
Month 14, Reward: 1.95

Sorry, not halves, decreases by 1%, my mistake. It's late at night, and you're asking silly questions like it's some secret that must be discussed privately when they're on the main BitcoinTalk page... The one you've supposedly read & researched?

Apologies for asking "silly" questions about a coin so I can confirm it is a worthwhile investment...
If you read my tweets with the block links, you'll see that it doesn't decrease consistently by 1% every month.
It would appear that it does now, but I'm asking when it changed?