Roger Yourself

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Become a Rogeteer!

All scam coming-outs are welcome!
Simply join our community for more info:
Freenode link here and Discord link here

New User Airdrop

Until the end of 2019, we're running a new user promotion. We may end this earlier or extend it later at our discretion.

  • 106.9 Roger = Upon joining one of our community channels, just ping "TheHoliestRoger" or another mod.

Scam Bounties

  • 6.9 Roger = Outing a token.
  • 690 Roger = Outing a previously unknown scam.
  • 1690 Roger = Summary write-up to be posted here.
  • 6900 Roger = Full write-up, including screenshots or transcripts of conversations with verified Scam Coin Devs.


  • 69 Roger = For each recruited Rogeteer.
  • 690 Roger = For each Elite recruited Rogeteer (people we like).